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This interface is for processing solutions. If you want to solve problems, use the SystemOnTPTP interface.

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Our server does not output results until all tasks are completed. Be patient while the systems do their thing. Results are presented using the SZS problem status ontology.
System CPU s Transform Format Command Application
 AGInTRater 0.0  s Rates proof formulae for interestingness, for
 AGMV 1.0  s Model verifier, for NX0 TX0 TF0 FOF
 BNFParser 0.0  s Checks syntax according to BNF, for TH0 TF1 TF0 FOF CNF
 BNFParserDrill 0.0  s Checks syntax according to BNF, producing user interface, for TH0 TF1 TF0 FOF CNF
 BNFParserTree 0.0  s Checks syntax according to BNF, producing parse tree, for TH0 TF1 TF0 FOF CNF
 GDV 1.0  s Derivation verifier, for TH0 TX0 TF0 FOF CNF
 IDV 0.0  s Interactive derivation viewer
 IIV 0.0  s Interactive interpretation viewer
 InterpretByATP 0.0  s Evaluates formulae against a model, between SZS lines (ask Geoff)
 OAESys 0.0  s Extracts answers from derivation
 OAFSys 0.0  s Extracts answers from derivation, with reproving
 PProofSummary 0.0  s Summarizes proof in Prolog format
 ProofSummary 0.0  s Summarizes proof
 TPTP2JSON 0.1  s Converts to JSON, for FOF CNF
 TPTP4X 0.0  s Utility for transforming and formatting