The 10th

TPTP Tea Party

will be held in ZoomRoom 1 starting at 12:30pm EDT on Friday 16th July 2021 at the

28th International Conference on Automated Deduction
11-16th July 2021

This meeting will bring together developers and users of the TPTP World, including (but not limited to):

The meeting aims to elicit feedback, suggestions, criticisms, etc, of these resources, in order to ensure that their continued development meets the needs of successful automated reasoning. The meeting will be structured discussion following an agenda of topics that have been suggested and agreed upon in advance.

The organizer is Geoff Sutcliffe. People who have confirmed that they will attend are: Michael Rawson, Alex Steen, Geoff Sutcliffe.

The topics for this year are (so far - please email me if you have more):

  1. Support for LTB/batch modes in ATP systems (Adam)
  2. Why is TFA not being used and developed? (Giles)
  3. Extending TFF to TFX (the FOOL logic) (Geoff)
  4. Adding non-classical logics to the TPTP (Tobias/Alex/Geoff)
  5. Hosting the TPTP World in Github (Geoff)
  6. The proposed TDTP (Tons of Data for Theorem Provers) library, to support the use of machine learning in ATP (Geoff/Cezary?)
  7. Funding for StarExec (Geoff)
  8. Quo Vadis TPTP (Geoff/Chris/Dave)


9th TPTP Tea Party was Online in 2020. The 8th TPTP Tea Party was in Gothenburg in 2017. The 7th TPTP Tea Party was in Wroclaw in 2011. The 6th TPTP Tea Party was in Montreal in 2009. The 5th TPTP Tea Party was in Sydney in 2008. The 4th TPTP Tea Party was in London in 2007. The 3rd TPTP Tea Party was in Seattle in 2006. The 2nd TPTP Tea Party was in Tallin in 2005. The 1st TPTP Tea Party was in London in 2004.

Tea Party Pictures