The 9th

TPTP Tea Party

will be held in the ZoomRoom at 4:30pm CEST on Friday 3rd July 2020 at the

10th International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning
1st-4th July 2020

This meeting will bring together developers and users of TPTP related resources, including (but not limited to):

The meeting aims to elicit feedback, suggestions, criticisms, etc, of these resources, in order to ensure that their continued development meets the needs of successful automated reasoning. The meeting will be structured discussion following an agenda of topics that have been suggested and agreed upon in advance.

The organizer is Geoff Sutcliffe. People who have confirmed that they will attend are: Jeremy Avigad, Seulkee Baek, Haniel Barbosa, Jasmin Blanchette, Frédéric Blanqui, Ahmed Bhayat, Pascal Fontaine, Mohamed Yacine el Haddad, Laura Kovacs, Andre Platzer, Thomas Prokosch, Giles Reger, Martin Riener, Stephan Schulz, Nick Smallbone, Martin Suda, Geoff Sutcliffe.

The topics for this year are (so far - please email me if you have more):

  1. The new "Slammer Division" for CASC-28 - Jasmin Blanchette. (Slides)
  2. Solution Representation.

    The TPTP Format for Derivations and the TPTP Format for Finite Interpretations have been around for a while, and widely adopted in the ATP community. Solution output is useful for:

    In order for a solution to be used for these tasks, it must have properties that make it Acceptable:

    Can we formalize "acceptable", as a first step towards the uses listed above, and build a tool to check for acceptability?

  3. Proof Verification.

    This is "easy" for SAT, "tricky" for FOF and beyond. I would say it is an unsolved problem for FOF and beyond.

    Techniques so far:

    Properties of proofs that might be required:

    Some of the above are limited to certain styles of proof.

    Can we find a way to verify proofs that works very generally?


8th TPTP Tea Party was in Gothenburg in 2017. The 7th TPTP Tea Party was in Wroclaw in 2011. The 6th TPTP Tea Party was in Montreal in 2009. The 5th TPTP Tea Party was in Sydney in 2008. The 4th TPTP Tea Party was in London in 2007. The 3rd TPTP Tea Party was in Seattle in 2006. The 2nd TPTP Tea Party was in Tallin in 2005. The 1st TPTP Tea Party was in London in 2004.

Tea Party Pictures