The 5th

TPTP Tea Party

will be held on Thursday 14th August, 10:30am, at the

4th International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning
August 2008

This meeting will bring together developers and users of TPTP related resources, including (but not limited to):

The meeting aims to elicit feedback, suggestions, criticisms, etc, of these resources, in order to ensure that their continued development meets the needs of successful automated reasoning. The meeting will be structured discussion following an agenda of topics that have been suggested and agreed upon in advance. The topics so far are:

  1. Recording variable bindings in TPTP format derivations, and their presentation in answer extraction.

  2. The <single_quoted> and <distinct_object> token types.

  3. The defaults semantics for THF problems.

  4. Simplifying the TPTP language.
Further topics may be proposed by emailing Geoff Sutcliffe (geoff[@]

The 1st TPTP Tea Party was in London in 2004. The 2nd TPTP Tea Party was in Tallin in 2005. The 3rd TPTP Tea Party was in Seattle in 2006. The 4th TPTP Tea Party was in London in 2007.

Participation and Position Statements

In order to participate, you must be a registered TPTP user (email Geoff Sutcliffe (geoff[@] to be added to this list), and must submit at least one position statement about your work with the TPTP resources. Each position statement must be a separate HTML web page, and must conform roughly to the style of this sample page (copy the source and make your changes). Position statements must be emailed to Geoff Sutcliffe (geoff[@], by 28th July (extensions are always negotiable). Every submission will be accepted unless it's way off topic, in which case we'll help you get it right.


The TPTP Tea Party will be organized as follows:

Participation is free, but you pay for your own dinner, lunch, beer, accomodation, etc.

The organizers are Geoff Sutcliffe, and Stephan Schulz.

Confirmed participants are:

Tea Party Pictures