The TPTP ATP System Building Conventions

by Geoff Sutcliffe and Stephan Schulz and Nik Sultana


Over the years of supporting ATP system development (the TSTP, SystemOnTPTP, CASC, etc.), I've spent many hours compiling and installing ATP systems, and some of the build processes are attriciously complex. This proposal aims to set conventions that will make it easy to build ATP systems, which if adopted will make life much better for ATP users. Commonly adopted conventions will allow users to follow the same pattern of activities when installing multiple ATP systems.

Directory Layout

The system must unpack into a single directory named after the system and the system version. The suggested format is the system name written in the normal camel-case that would be used in a publication, followed by three hyphens and then the version number, e.g., Vampire---2.6, iProver---0.99. This format allows for easy extraction of the two components (because only a crazy person would have three hyphens as part of their system name or version number).

Build Commands

The build sequence is one used by many open source software packages.

./configure <options>
make install