The CADE-17 ATP System Competition

was held at

The 17th International Conference on Automated Deduction
Pittsburgh, USA, 16-21 June 2000

The CADE conferences are the major forum for the presentation of new research in all aspects of automated deduction. In order to stimulate ATP system development, and to expose ATP systems to interested researchers, the CADE-17 ATP System Competition (CASC-17) was held on 17 June 2000.

CASC-17 evaluated the performance of sound, fully automatic, classical 1st order ATP systems. The evaluation was in terms of:

in the context of:

The competition organizers were Geoff Sutcliffe and Christian Suttner. The competition was overseen by a panel of knowledgeable researchers who were not participating in the event; the panel members were Claude Kirchner, Don Loveland, and Jeff Pelletier.

System registration for CASC-17 closed on 15th May 2000

If you have any questions about the competition, please email the organizers.

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